Fitness 2J2 is a socially responsible community based Health and Wellness Company, Indigenous owned and operated. Based out of Saskatoon Saskatchewan we are centrally located, to provide services to communities throughout the province.   We have proven and successful programming that includes mentorship; instruction; and the development of potential future fitness leaders for First Nation and Metis communities in Saskatchewan.   Fitness 2J2 has partnered with non-profit organizations; schools; corporate; and private to provide fitness programming and consulting services.

Contact us at by e-mail fitness2j2@yahoo.com or 306-281-5338, we are also on FaceBook, Instagram & Twitter.

Interview with the BrainSport Times, Saskatoon,Sk.

Q&A with Joel Pedersen
Tara: This Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Brainsport you will be teaching a safety-awareness and self-defence session. What prompted you to reach out to Brainsport to offer this for runners and walkers in the community?                                                                Joel: There was a Facebook feed that was forwarded to me to see if we could provide some potential training options. 2J2 had teamed up last year with Brainsport during our volunteering with the Red Cross evacuation centres, so we figured this would be a good match again. We want to pass on some tools for people to feel empowered so they can enjoy their active lifestyles.

Tara: How has your background, training and experience prepared you to teach such sessions?
Joel: Our team has a significant amount of experience with safety awareness and self-defence in operational, instructing and mentoring settings. Our instructors are peace officers and most importantly runners, active members of the community and enjoy the same running trails as your readers.

Tara: What can people expect from this session? What are you hoping participants will take away?
Joel: Our goal is to provide an overview of running safety awareness, a collaborative style discussion, then finish off with practical exercise outside of some disengagement skills.

Tara: Is there anything else you would like add?
Joel: Being involved in the running and triathlon community for a number of years, I know how important it is to be outside and active on the trails, paths. and streets. We have all encountered situations where we needed to intuitively know what to do and most of the time we know what to do. This is an opportunity for people to add to their tool belt, so they can handle what challenges might be ahead.

Article form Eagle Feather News.


A member of Fond du Lac Dene Nation, and linked to the Mikisew Cree First Nation hopes to use fitness to empower Aboriginal communities.  Joel Pedersen owns and operates Fitness 2J2, a Professional Aboriginal Fitness Instruction and Consulting company.  A socially responsible community-based health and wellness business, Fitness 2J2 provides instruction and programming to rural and urban Aboriginal communities across Saskatchewan.

However, Pedersen hopes the business will go beyond just providing instruction and programming: he hopes it will build future fitness leaders.”So building sustainability within community so that the programming that is brought forward can be continued on.”He also hopes there will be economic development spin-offs for the communities from the future fitness instructors that come out of it.

Pedersen was involved in sports from a young age, and later served as Infantry Sergeant Major with the Canadian Armed Forces and currently is a Police Sergeant with the Saskatoon Police Service. Pedersen feels he can be a positive role model not just because of his accomplishments or careers but “it’s being able to give positive feedback and provide an example of what a healthy lifestyle can be.”

He hopes his programming can be used as a toolbox for communities to build on what they have. He says his program, which is functional fitness, is inclusive, scalable exercise for all abilities, all ages, and all genders. “Depending on what your goal is, it can be met.”  He can do personal training or group fitness.  Last year Pedersen worked with the St. Mary’s after-school program at the Saskatoon school.  Three days a week, he did functional fitness with the youth, and then incorporated it into a running team.  “We wanted to try and provide a goal for the kids to reach besides just having a safe place to be and a social place for them to be, so we came up with the decision for them to participate in the Bridge City Boogie…with the goal of the 5 km run.”  At first, he says it was a little challenging, because many children couldn’t make one loop around a 125m track without stopping.  “But by the time we were done the programming, everyone one of those kids completed the 5 km run,” and he says the community, including parents and teachers, became interested and involved.

The after-school program is running again at St. Mary’s, as well as a community drop-in fitness class at Pleasant Hill. Pedersen hopes to do another Bridge City Boogie run with the students again this year, and next month, he will be working with youth to prepare them to run from Saskatoon to Batoche in July.  Pedersen did a project in Southend/Reindeer Lake, where he went in for one week and worked with the school’s physical education class. He used functional fitness for grades 1 to 12 during the day, and in the evening, he put on a fitness class that brought in mostly adults. He says not only Aboriginal people attended, but also other community members who maybe didn’t socialize with each other regularly, such as RCMP and health nurses.  While there, he also provided a prepatory instruction for fitness instructors.  He also provided week-long training at the end of last summer in Cumberland House that was broken into groups based on age, from six-years-old all the way up to adults. To see photos from this camp, visit our Photo Gallery.  Looking ahead to the future, Pedersen hopes his business will become involved in as many northern communities as possible, and he would like to employ more Aboriginal fitness instructors who can work in their own communities or be employed right in Saskatoon.

Nominated for the 2014 Indspire Awards for involvement in community and health&wellness. Thank you to Shannon Loutit and all who endorsed and supported the nomination.


Fitness 2J2  Professional Aboriginal Fitness Instruction and Consulting.


A socially responsible community-based health and wellness business,  Fitness 2J2 believes everyone has power to live healthy lifestyles through the participation of sports, fitness, recreation and health and wellness training and education. We pride ourselves in delivering this programming and education to rural and urban Aboriginal communities and groups across Saskatchewan and Western Canada. By promoting active healthy lifestyle and the delivery of fitness/sport and recreation. This will reduce barriers and promote healthy lifestyles for Aboriginal people of all ages and abilities and their communities. Fitness2J2, through a valuable Team of certified instructors we provide the skills, leadership, motivation and tools you require to empower communities to reach their fitness goals.

Fitness Training &Consulting Includes:

  • Healthy lifestyle education supporting prevention/reduction of obesity, diabetes and other health issues. Partnered with the University of Saskatchewan Aboriginal Initiatives and Community Engagement.  Endorsed by Health Canada through the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative Program.
  • Fitness instruction and programming, personal or group: Cross fitt; metabolic conditioning; aerobic and anaerobic conditioning; Flexibility and strength; interval and Tabata; Boxercise; muscle sculpting.

  • Skills Camps for Hockey, Football, Soccer and Tri-athlon.

  • Learn to walk/run 5km,10km, half and full marathons.

  • Self defense and defensive tactics

  • Fitness facility consulting, design services.

  • Distribution of fitness equipment.

  • Develop and mentor Fitness Instructors and Leaders.

  • Speaking engagements and presentations.

Joel established 2J2 Training & Fitness and consulting to offer clients a unique and satisfying fitness training experience. The business is designed for people who prefer small group, or larger group including sports team training at your convenience.  Available for training in your home, at your office gym, in the park, or at fitness facilities throughout Saskatoon and Saskatchewan.  Joel enjoys all aspects of fitness and leads through example, he is known for his innovative techniques and the ability to inspire and motivate his clients to enhance their lives and bodies through establishing and meeting their fitness goals. The programs for the clients to lose fat, gain strength, enhance sport performance, and improve functional lifestyle. His dynamic, energetic and supportive approach to training and coaching creates a great environment for achieving successful fitness goals whether you are a first time exerciser or a seasoned athlete.

Training &Fitness Includes:                                                                                          Individual or partner, Small and Larger group Training.

Athletic Conditioning, Interval and Sport team training Indoor/OutdoorBOOTCAMP.

Strength, Cardio, Agility, Flexibility & Sport Conditioning programs.

Functional Fitness for all ages and levels of ability.

Fitness assessments and follow ups so you can measure your progress.

Prep for Fitness Instructor Leadership courses.

POPAT, Military, Emergency Services fitness preperations

Soccer; Triathlon; running programs and instruction.

Email and Phone Coaching to keep you motivated.

Certified Fitness Trainer, Group Fitness Instruction (CF,SPRA,ISSA, Crossfit L1 certified)

Consulting Includes:                                                                                                      Personal or Corporate assessments on fitness of individuals and facilities.  Joel makes keynote presentations at school or business meetings, conferences and other special events on fitness and leadership. ” Joel is an Army Sergeant Major and Police Officer, with a strong athletic/sport and fitness background, who can provide you or your business with a Professional presentation”.                                                                                               Fitness Equipment Distribution:                                                                                   Fitness 2J2 can provide fitness equipment for personal or facility needs. Affiliated with 360Athletics and other suppliers to assist you in meeting your requirements.


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