EVENTS FITNESS 2J2 and Community.


July 25,26,27 2017.  Ile ala Crosse, Sask. So looking forward to a three day soccer skills and development camp. No C0$T to participate!                                Contact Brandon Roy for more details.

Dragon Boat Races 22July2017, Saskatoon.

River Run Classic 1/2Marathon in Saskatoon, 9July2017.

Back to Batoche Lois Reil Relay, 8July2017.

————————————————————————————-Check out the KOS triathlon June 17, 2017 in Saskatoon.  We will have some of our youth (6-14yrs) Triathletes swimming biking and running.

Supporting Autism awarness and community with a walk at Wanuskewin Park in Saskatoon June 11, 2017

SaskTel Youth awards in Saskatoon, May 26, 2017.  Congratulations to all the nominees.

Join in and support great cause with a 5km FunRun.  June 11, 2017 1000am Saskatoon.

Askiy Run-Club crew has worked hard over the last few months.  We are excited to partner with the SPS for the crew to participate in the 5km fun-run May 7,2017.                                    

————————————————————————————-Monday Nights 7-8pm, beginner self-defence safety awareness for women & youth. St.Marys school Gym.

From Jan-June 2017 No C0$T Fitness Programming Monday Nights 6-7pm at St.Mary’s School Gym. Functional Fitness.  Weds Nights learn to run programming ASKIY RunClub also 6-7pm at St.Marys school gym.                                                                                                   ————————————————————————————-khphone




Waskesiu, Aug 8 2016.


River Run Saskatoon, July 10,2016.


We are looking forward to teaming up with Brainsport, June 4 10am-11am 2016.  Safety/Self-def for runners.


June 10 2016 645pm-845pm, Safety/Self def for Women & Youth.


Working towards NewYork Marathon, this is an awesome run, check it out.

2016-half riverrun

Shout out to Pelican Narrows and Joel Erb!  Way to go PN.


Supporting future leaders.  May 27, 2016 in YXE.


————————————————————————————–                 May 29 2016 Saskatchewan Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, 10km. YXE                                                                                                                   ———————————————————————————————Saskatoon Mental Health Run May1, 2016                                                                              —————————————————————————————Saskatchewan Marathon; 1/2Marathon; 10km; 5km run May 29,2016.                                      —————————————————————————————–           We are looking forward to assisting in partnering with the Right to Play programs for Saskatchewan.  For further info contact us at




Right to play                                                                                                 ————————————————————————————-


If you are ready to take your sport to the next level, this is where you need to be!                       ————————————————————————————–


Get a hold of NSCRD this is coming up soon!                                                                               ————————————————————————————–


UofS, City of Saskatoon and 2J2 will be providing at no cost a Prep program to get you ready to become a Fitness leader.  If your interested get your name in ASAP, only 10 spots for this one.                                                                                                                                    ————————————————————————————-                 Big shout out to Canadian Tire Jump Start Program, Confederation Store Saskatoon for bringing an early Christmas gift to St.Mary’s School.  Basket Ball’s for programming.


———————————————————————————-                  Continue with Run Club at St.Mary’s OCT26-DEC19. Mondays 6-7pm and Sat’s 11am-noon.  No Cost to you.  Work up to the 5km Resolution Run Dec 31 2015 , COS will sponsor the entry to the run if you make it out ti the training sessions. More info on the RunningRoom web page.



Headed to Beauval SK, Nov 16-20 2015.  More info thru the NSCRD rec co-ord.


Ile ala Crosse, community fun run/walk. Oct 9/15 9am at elementary school and 2pm at the high school.


Saskatoon Police Service 5th Annual Race Against Racism. Sunday Sept/20/2015. 3km Walk, 5km run. U18 no co$t, 18up $10. All proceeds going local to Red Cross.



SWITCH CLINIC Zombie Run 5km, Sunday Oct 18 2015 in Saskatoon.

Check out

Zombie Run logo

Prep trg for this thru learn to run program starting Sept/18/2015 and entry for first 20people. Contact Alicia Worm-Littlewolfe City of Saskatoon Aboriginal Community Programmer @ 306-975-8486


Health Canada through the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative would like to assist your community in sponsoring 2J2 programming.  For more info contact us at or contact your local ADI Coordinator.                                             Kyla Compton, Physical Activity Specialist, First Nations and Inuit Health Branch Health Canada Sk Region, 2045 Broad St Regina SK.                                                                                                                                       ———————————————————————————————— 2J2 is proud to partner with NSCRD, to bring us to the following communities:  ILe la Crosse SK 4-9 Oct 2015; Beauval SK 15-20 Nov 2015; Air Ronge SK 29Nov-4Dec; La Ronge 21-26 Feb 2016.

NSCR  Print

————————————————————————————————-Self Defence and Safety Awareness for Women and youth training during 17-20 Aug 2015 in Creighton Area. Contact Jelisa @ Zenergee to sign up.

Zenergee Logo


Flin Flon Bombers Hockey School 17-21 Aug 2015.  2J2 will be providing the programming and instruction for the dry land.  Check out for the Xtreme Hockey School.


————————————————————————————————-NSCRD is bringing Functional Fitness Training to Creighton Saskatchewan 17-21 August 2015.  Contact Ryan @ NSCRD


———————————————————————————————–              Security 2J2 has been involved with making our community safe with training and seminar presentations.  Check out the web site                                                                                                                          ————————————————————————————————Frank Dunn Triathlon Aug 9 2015, Waskisu Lake, Sask.

triathlon_swim_bike_run                                                                                                                                             ————————————————————————————————-                Starting July 6 2015, We are proud to be able to assist the communities of Northern Saskatchewan while they stay here in Saskatoon.  For the RedCross we will provide Fitness,Sport & Rec management at both Evacuation centres here in Saskatoon (East&North Soccer Centres).  From Run/Jog/Walk club first thing in the am, to various sports and equipment:soccer; hockey; basketball; softball; tennis; skateboarding; volleyball.  Community reps from Montreal Lake, Hull Lake, LaRonge are stepping up to manage the sports and issue of equipment.

Canadian Tire stores in Saskatoon organized a donation of sporting equipment for people displaced by forest fires in northern Saskatchewan to soccer centres in Saskatoon on Thursday, July 9, 2015. (Canadian Press Images - Derek Mortensen)

Canadian Tire stores in Saskatoon organized a donation of sporting equipment for people displaced by forest fires in northern Saskatchewan to soccer centres in Saskatoon on Thursday, July 9, 2015. (Canadian Press Images – Derek Mortensen)


————————————————————————————————-                      Subaru TriAthlon Saskatoon, sprint and olympic distance’s. June 28 2015.                                ————————————————————————————————-       June 22 2015.  Military swim test, Saskatoon, SK.

IMG_0964                                                                                                      ————————————————————————————————-         June 21 2015, Fathers Day and Aboriginal Day celebrations.  Wanuskewin Park.  UofS PowWow’s.  Saskatoon,SK.                                                                                                                            ————————————————————————————————-Saskatoon Aboriginal Professionals Association June 19, 2014. Success Indigenous Newsmakers Event.  Sponsored and supported by Potash Corp and the UofS.


Honoured to be nominated and acknowledged for Fitness 2J2 programming and community building.

———————————————————————————-                                     June 26 2015 PA Sask, Kauchur’s Golf Course.  Sask First Nations Veterans Association Annual Golf fundraiser.  Contact Lyndon @ 306-956-1021 or                                                                                                                                                      ———————————————————————————–                                                                                                                  Canadian Diabetes Conference in PA, Sask May 20,2015.      Prevention and working through Diabetes. Healthy eating; Positive & Healthy Lifestyle through Functional Fitness. PA Sask. May 20,2015.                                                                                                                  ————————————————————————————–PineHouse Sask, we are on the way for a week 1st week in June 2015.  IMG_4500   IMG_4530                                                                                   ———————————————————————————–                YXE Sunday May 3,2015 0900am Dief Park. Mental Health and Addiction Services Fun Run 2km,5km,10km,16km check out                                                         ———————————————————————————–                                                               We are headed up to Montreal Lake Cree Nation for a week of Functional Fitness!! date TBC April 2015.  Supported by NSCRD.                                                                                                                                      —————————————————————————————-Mon,Weds,Thurs 6-7pm; Thurs 7-8pm @ St.Mary’s Health&Wellness YXE.   2015. April&May.   Mon only starting June 6-7pm at St.Mary’s.                                                                                                                   ——————————————————————————-                             ITEP UofS Think Indegenous Conference in Saskatoon, SK March 18-20 2015. check out the web                                                                                 ————————————————————————————————-


Mexico Huichol Indigenous Dancer.  Huge respect for nature and the ocean.                           ————————————————————————————————-Fitness 2J2 proudly supporting community 2014 NorthAmerican Indigenous Games.




Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies. Saskatoon.                                                  ———————————————————————————————



UofS Aboriginal Initiatives Advancement & Community Engagement Student Union Healthy lifestyle choices.

————————————————————————————————-We are Mon, Weds, Thurs 6-7pm then a second on Thurs 7-8pm




Jackie and Luke on behalf of the Black Lake Community provide an awesome pair of Muskrat mits. So Awesome and warm.                                                                                   ————————————————————————————————-We are heading to Black Lake First Nation. 18-23 Jan 2015.  Working with youth and adult programming of Functional Fitness.                                                                                         ————————————————————————————————-Weds Night 6-7pm BootCamp Functional Fitness YXE. @ St.Mary’s.


————————————————————————————————-Sask Indian Institute of Tech.  Heathy Living and Functional Fitness Talk.  900am OCT 29,2014                                                                                                                                      ————————————————————————————————-Saskatoon Health Region, LIVE Well program Diabetes screening at UofS Education Lounge. Saskatoon Health Region. OCT28,2014.  We will see you there at noon.                       ————————————————————————————————-MONDAYS 6-7pm @ St.Marys Health&Wellness Center 10week Ftitness bootcamp Starting Oct20 2014.    So now you can have drop in Mon&Thurs.  Weds(Family).                ————————————————————————————————-FAMILY FITNESS learn to run 2km,5km. Pleasant Hill Community Association St.Mary’s Health&Wellness Center, Weds 6-7pm Date starting 15 OCT2014.                                                         ————————————————————————————————- Dakota Dunes community Health Fair 30Oct 2014.                                                                        ———————————————————————————————     Big shout out to the students staff and community of Stanley Mission for the Hoddie and zip-up.

IMG_3548                                                                                                                    ————————————————————————————————-Stanley Mission First Nation.  Community Fun Run Challenge. 1Km 2Km and 5Km.  Friday 19Sept2014 1000am start and finish is at the High School Gym.  Contact Community Cord Prestin Fleming.                                                                                                                        ————————————————————————————————-Free drop in Bootcamp at St.Mary’s Health& Wellness centre in YXE.  Sept 25 2014 6-7pm on Thursdays. Sponsored by City of Saskatoon.                                                                       ————————————————————————————————-


4th Annual SPS Run against Racsim  Sept 13 2014, 1100am.  Saskatoon. 3km walk; 5km run; stroller roll. $10.00 race fee, under 18 no CO$T.  First 250ppl get awesome free race kit.  Sponsored with Running Room.                                                                                              ————————————————————————————————-Want to become a fitness instructor? We want you too!  Check out SPRA Fitness Theory and Group Exercise Module’s. In YXE (Saskatoon) Sept 19&20 then 26&27, followed by Oct17,18,19.  Once completed gives us a call at Fitness 2J2, we are always looking for motivated leaders to work in our communities with Fitness 2j2.                                                                                 ————————————————————————————————NSCRD&SPRA working with Fitness 2J2 to bring Functional Fitness to Stanley Mission Sask 14-19 Sept 2014.  Looking Forward to Programming with community.                            ————————————————————————————————-Fitness 2J2 is going to be in Edmonton and Fort McMurray 11-16 Aug 2014.                        ————————————————————————————————-


August 20 2014. PPCLI Baton relay for the 100th Anniversary for the PPCLI.  Regina Sask.

————————————————————————————————Green Lake Saskatchewan.  May 2014, earning their Neechie Gear T-Shirts.




Prep for the 100km Honour Run in July 2014 in Saskatoon.

IMG_1310————————————————————————————————-SWIM,BIKE,RUN                                                                                                                                ————————————————————————————————-Outstanding Job by everyone, Merci to the Sponsors.

Honour Run 2014

Honour Run 2014, Saskatoon to Batoche 100km                                                                   ————————————————————————————————-


———————————————————————————————-Back to Batoche Days 17-20 July 2014 Batoche Sask, check out their webstite.                  ———————————————————————————————-NAIG 2014 Summer Games 21-27 July 2014 Regina Sask, check out their webpage.                      ———————————————————————————————-Aboriginal Business Match Saskatoon, 16-19 June 2014, Delegates are invited to attend Functional Fitness training:Mon,Weds,Thurs 630-800pm Armouries Gym, located Idywyld Dr & 31st St.                                                                                                                              —————————————————————————————–      Fitness 2J2 is headed out to Montreal, Mt. St.Hillaire Area  22-29 June 2014.                          —————————————————————————————–GreenLake Rec Functional Fitness Programming for youth and adult 9-13 June 2014.  Check out GreenLake Facebook for class times.                                                                     ——————————————————————————————         NAIG Lance Runners to start training with Fitness 2J2 June-July 2014.  Check out more info on Facebook.                                                                                                                    ——————————————————————————————–    Here are some of the athlete’s from the Saskatoon Special Olympics Team, they have worked hard from Oct2013-June2014 for the games in Vancouver July 2014.

IMG_0603                                                                                                               ——————————————————————————————Saskatoon Bridge City Boogie Sunday June 8 2014 2km 5km 10km Run                                   ———————————————————————————————— Fitness 2J2 is going to be in Pelican Narrows May 25-30 May 2014. Functional Fitness and building future fitness leaders.                                                                                                                                                  ——————————————————————————————- 100km Hounor Run July 18 2014, from Saskatoon to Batoche.  Fitness 2J2 will be providing programming and instruction to prepare 80 youth to relay run.  Trg to start first week of June 2014. The run will be relay style where runners will do 5km legs.  Are you up for the challenge? Do you have the courage?            Check out



————————————————————————————————-Northern Sport, Culture & Recreation District, is looking for communities interested in having Fitness 2J2 to attend their communities to provide programming for spring summer 2014. NSCRD will assist communities in funding.                                                                       ————————————————————————————————-Zoo Fun Run 2.5km&5km Saskatoon Zoo.  April 13,2014                                         Saskatoon Police 1/2 Marathon 5km&10km  April 27,2014.                                                Saskatchewan Marathon (Saskatoon)1/2 Marathon, 10km&5km May 25 2014.                Bridge City Boogie 10km,5km&2km  June 8 2014.                                                                    ————————————————————————————————-What: Functional Fitness and Self Defence class’s.                                               Where: St.Marys Health & Wellness Center, Saskatoon, SK.                                   When: Thurs Nights 530-630pm Apr17, May1, May8, May15, May22.                               Who: Open to all who would like to train and learn some skills.                              Cost: $0.00 thats right!!  Sponsored by Pleasant Hill Community Association.

————————————————————————————————-North American Indigenous Games 2014 Regina, Saskatchewan.Sask Soccer U16 and U18 weekend training in PA at the Alfred Jenkins Field House March 29-30 2014.  Check out the Facebook page for all Team Saskatchewan training times and locations.

————————————————————————————————-Me Ta We Tan drop in Bootcamp will be going for 13 weeks starting 530pm Thursday Jan 9 2014 back at the St.Marys Health and Wellness Center. Info in the Saskatoon Leisure Guide not complete and a bit confusing, updates also at the Facebook page under Aboriginal Bootcamp and Fitness Enthusiasts.

————————————————————————————————-If you have kids 10-14yrs of age close to Pleasant Hill Community. Fitness2J2 will be running some programming for youth at St.Marys Health&Wellness Mondays 300-400pm. If they go to St.Mary’s school contact Cecile Smith. No cost to the youth.  Starts Jan 27,2014

————————————————————————————————-Functional Fitness Bootcamp Class 515-615pm Tues Nov19 & Weds Nov20 at the Indian Metis Friendship Centre 168 Wall St, which is only mins away from the Summit location downtown.  No cost for first 20 people.    MeTaWeTan  Bootcamp 530-630pm Thurs Nov21 at St.Mary’s Health&Wellness                                                                                             ———————————————————————————————–Hypothermic 1/2 Marathon Stoon: Feb.9,2014                                                                        ————————————————————————————————SRRA Oct 14 River Landing 6pm Turkey Trot Run: Oct 19 Sask 50km Ultra.                           ———————————————————————————————–Fitness 2j2 will be working with the soccer players and coaches with the Saskatchewan Special Olympics preparing for their National Games in Vancouver for summer 2014.                                           ———————————————————————————————–SaskFirst Bantams Sask Hockey Asoc Zone6 camp Feb7-9 2014 Aberdeen                       ————————————————————————————————Hockey Saskatchewan Winter Games Zone6 Evaluations Dec13-15 2013 Aberdeen.



1/2 Marathon, Honour Run for my friend Chris Bourque RIP, never to be forgotten.  CEDE NULLIS

————————————————————————————————-Sunday Aug 25th 2013 8am Mental Health and Addictions Fun Run. 2,5,10,21.1km events.                                                                                                                ————————————————————————————————-

SPRA Fitness Certification: Fitness Theory at the Shaw Center 2 weekends, 2013 Friday Sept20 Sat 21 then Fri Sept 27 Sat Sept 28. Then Group Exercise at the field house 1 weekend Oct18,19,20. Check out the Saskatoon City Leisure guide, and the Aboriginal Fitness Certification Program.

fitness 2j2 will be at charlebois school gym cumberland house, saskatchewan 25-30aug2013.  functional fitness classes for the community.  contact co-ord jillian carriere for more info.



Saskatoon Road runners club. trail race series july 20 cranberry flats; sept 21 blackstrap.  5km,10km,15km.


rrun_pelican2013  July 14 2013, Saskatoon, 1/2marathon; 10km;5km distances.



Cumberland House visitors to Saskatoon, no C0$T drop in fitness trg bootcamp, one for youth and one for adults. Dates and times will be posted at the soccer center. July2013.


SaskTel Aboriginal Youth Awards of Excellence

Nominations for the Sasktel Aboriginal Youth Awards of Excellence are now open in ten categories. The awards were established in 1997 to recognize the many achievements of youth in Saskatchewan. Winners will be honoured at a Gala Evening Ceremony, May 24th, 2013 at TCU Place, Saskatoon, SK.,


Free Drop in Crossfitt Bootcamp Spring/summer Thursday Nights 6-7pm  St.Mary’s Health&Wellness Center Saskatoon. —————————————–

Saskatchewan Marathon May 26,2013 Saskatoon, 10km,1/2 and full distance marathon. Check out their web page.


Fitness2j2 is looking for fitness leaders/instructors to join the team. If interested in working in your community and you want to make a difference there are positions available. Contact us on FaceBook or e-mail.


30March2013 Last day of skiing at Table Mountain.

Saskatoon Police Run 5km/10km/1/2 Marathon April 21,2013.


Come earn your Fitness 2J2 Neechie Gear T-shirt.  No Cost Fitness class’s, Thats right no $$$$.  Just commitment & some sweat.  All ages and fitness ability.

Fitness2j2 NG t-shirt


20th annual Indspire Awards

This year, Indspire is thrilled to host the 20th annual Indspire Awards in Saskatoon on February 15, 2013 at the TCU Place – Sid Buckwold Theatre. Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and show start at 8:00 p.m. sharp.                                                                                   The Awards recognize Indigenous professionals and youth who demonstrate outstanding achievements in a variety of different career categories. They motivate and serve as invaluable role models for all Indigenous youth across Canada.Tickets are available for purchase at Please note that there are a limited number of ticket packages and seating available, so don’t delay, purchase your tickets now to reserve your seat!  If your organization is interested in attending the 20th annual Indspire Awards that will honour 14 outstanding recipients, including three Special Youth Awards and one Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, please contact Indspire Awards Ticket Coordinator, Andy Wilson at 1.855.INDSPIRE (463.7747) x228 or email Andy at





NSCR  March 6 & 7, 2013                 Travelodge – Prince Albert, SK

Healthy individuals and communities through increased capacity to deliver sport, culture and recreation. ATTENDANCE: As a condition of funding for the NC&SRCP, this is a mandatory training for all Community & School Recreation Coordinators (CSRCs).  This is also a north-wide Sport, Culture & Recreation Training Event and open to a variety of individuals/organizations working or partnering in sport, culture & recreation in Northern Saskatchewan, including: Steering Committee Members and CSRC Supervisors, Recreation Directors and Recreation Board Members, Community School Coordinators and School Community Council Members,Coaches, Instructors, Artists, and Community Volunteers, Health Sector & Friendship Centre Employees,First Nations Education Authorities and School Division Representatives, and Elected Education or Recreation Officials.

IMG_0604Honour run.  Tribute to four of our fallen Aron, Justin, Shane and Josh.  CEDE NULLIS.

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