Learn to Run and Triathlon Programming



Saskatoon Police Service 5km road race.  May 7,2017.  ASKIY Run-Club with runners from Mistawsis FN.

Montreal Lake FN, May 5,2015, 2km-5km Fun Run.

Askiy Run Club in Saskatoon.  No C0$T, learn to run 5km programming Jan-JUne 2017. St.Mary’s School Weds night 6-7pm.

New York Marathon Nov 2016


SWITCH 5km Zombie FunRun Oct17/16 Saskatoon,SK

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YXE learn to run 5Km program. Askiy Run Club at St.Marys School 6-7pm mondays Apr-Jun 2016.  No Cost.                                                                                                                          —————————————————————————-

Beauval Sask Fun Run/Jog/Walk.. Grades 1-12 participated 30-40mins.IMG_6140IMG_6144IMG_6150




26Oct to 21Dec Learn to run 5km program ASKIY RUN CLUB. Mon’s 6-7pm and Sat’s 11-noon at St.Mary’s.  We will have spots avail to run in the Resolution Run 31Dec, more info on the run is through the RunningRoom Saskatoon.  No C0$T, dedication and commitment some sweat. All ages and abilities.



Ile ala Crosse, SK. 2km,5km,10km Fun Run/Jog/Walk Rossignol High School and community. Oct 9/2015.  over 175 from the high school and 190 from the elementray who did a 200-600meter.   Great week of Functional Fitness.



Partnering with City of Stoon we are going to have a Learn to run 5km, starting Sept18 to Oct 16 2015 and feed right into the Switch Clinic Zombie 5km Fun Run.  Should be cool COS has 20 entry spots for the run.  Sessions will be Mon&Fri 530-630pm Meet at St.Marys Health&Wellness Center: Fri 18Sep;Mon 21Sep;Fri 25Sep;Mon 28Sep;Fri 2Oct;Mon 12Oct;Fri 16Oct. Huge shout-out to Alicia Worm-Littlecrow from the Aboriginal Community Programming City of Stoon.


——————————————————————–                                      Hey check it out ZOMBIE 5km fun run OCT 18, 2015 for more info check out the Running Room Saskatoon www.events.runningroom.com  for Registration this is in support of the Switch Clinic in Saskatoon.                                                                                                                          ———————————————————————————–                        PineHouse Community Fun Run/Walk 1km,2km,5km. June 5 2015.


————————————————————————————–                    Saskatoon, Mental Health and Addictions Fun Run May 3, 2015.

IMG_4122                                                                                                                       ———————————————————————————–                 Black Lake FN Fun walk/run Jan 2015. Shout out to NSCRD; Transwest Air; RCMP; SAS; Running Room Saskatoon.

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———————————————————————————–                                 Fond du Lac FN, Fun walk/run 1km,2km5km  Nov2014


———————————————————————————–                                St.Mary’s Health&Wellness Centre. Pleasant Hill Community Assoc.  FAMILY FITNESS learn to walk/run 2km 5km.  Starting in OCT.   6-7pm.  Shout out to Packam Ave Dental.429290_202419486523838_695384287_n


Stanley Mission First Nation Community Fun Run/Walk Sept 2014

———————————————————————————–RunningRoomLogo                                                                Is now providing sponsorship with Fitness 2J2 with running events for your community. Together we can build 1km to 1/2 Marathon distance events with your community.                                                                                                                                               ———————————————————————————–                 WOW that was a long day of running 100km from Saskatoon to Batoche. Honour Run for the Soldiers.  July 2014. Community and Soldiers.IMG_1375Check out the 7-week learn to run 5km and beyond programming. Posted on Facebook and YouTube.

Honour Run 2014Honour Run 2014.    100km from Saskatoon to Batoche.  Raising awarness for Metis Vets.

————————————————————————————————-                       Lance Runners NAIG 2014

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June 2014 Bridge City Boogie 5km Fun Run.   St.Mary’s Wolf Pack                                         ————————————————————————————————-       Youth and Adults. Learn to run programming, learn to triathlon programming.  Do you have a goal?  Are you up for a new challenge?

Running/Walking: 5Km 10Km 1/2Marathon Full Marathon Distances.

Triathlon: Swim,Bike,Run   250meter swim to 1500meter; 10km bike to 50km; 5km run to 10km.


Running is more complex than people realize. It’s not just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other, and doing it quickly. It’s a skill that needs to be practiced, and it needs to be practiced well.
When you watch runners run, they make it look so effortless. They got to that point because they worked on their technique, and not just solely their fitness.
Every run you do, whether it’s an easy run a sprint workout, you should pay attention to your form:
– run “tall”
– don’t overstride, “land” under your body
– be “light” on your feet
– run a cadence between 85-90 steps per minute (counting one foot)
– keep your upper body and arms relaxed
– maintain a steady breathing pattern (I find timing it to your steps works great).

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TRI Athlete                                                                                                   The 6 Performance Enhancement Areas for Endurance Athletes.                             Performance programming your body can achieve structural integrity, fulcrums and leavers will be able to move more efficiently.  The aches and pains associated to endurance training will be minimized. This will create a platform for optimal performance.Soleus; Quadriceps ;Iliotibial (IT) Band; Psoas; Piriformis; Pectorals.