Very good at teaching the subjects in the time he had.  I hope the program of Functional Fitness is back in community.  This prep for us is a good start, we could use more instruction on setting up work-outs.  It will help show our community to stay fit and a healthy lifestyle. Squats are the best! Nicole Bonaise, Stanley Mission Cree Nation, Sask.

This was a really good workshop, it was lots of information to process in such little time.  I really liked the workouts we did, a good connection to the theory portion.  This program would be great for community coaches to take also.  Darlene Roberts,  Stanley Mission Cree Nation, Sask.

I would rate the Fitness Leader Prep Program as 5 out of 5.  The knowledge we received is very useful, the workouts were well explained and also very useful.  Joel was very flexible in the time table and laid back teaching style.  All ages were welcomed to the fitness sessions.  I can’t think of anything that would make this workshop better, its an awesome program and I would recommend it.  Robynn Dorion, Health Partner, Stanley Mission Cree Nation, Sask.

All of the topics I studied during the workshop weekend was great lots of info! Instructor was so knowledgable, clear instructions and examples.  He asked for our opinions and input and relevant examples.  The nutrition was my favourite topic, because it shows what we need most for our bodies and health. Gabrielle Dumais, Black Lake First Nation, Sask.

Cardiorespiratory system, physiology were of most value to me, there was more information about the heart that I didn’t know before.  I liked the training techniques, how the fitness sessions combined what we were learning about.  Course was excellent, lots of info to learn in short time.  Crystal Seegerts, Black Lake First Nation, Sask.

I’am happy I attend this workshop on Fitness Leadership Prep.  It was very interesting and I learned a lot about the body.  The course content was excellent all exercises were thoroughly discussed so that the main points were understandable.  Florance Seegerts, Black Lake First Nation, Sask.

The students at our school were very interested and engaged, this will help to kick start our spring athletic programs.  Would like to see the Fitness 2J2 program longer in community and return annually.  I would rate the Functional Fitness program of Fitness 2J2 as excellent.  Simon Bird, Principal SABMS, Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Sask.

Overall quality of the Fitness 2J2 program was excellent, I enjoyed working with Joel.  Not sure how the program could be better, except to have it here a long time/ hire him! Fitness Centre for community.  This was a great motivation for students to continue improving health. Andrew Johnson, PE Teacher SABMS, Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Sask.

I liked the clear instructions, the skill development the 2nd day WOD and stretching, it seemed like a new workout every time something always different!  Would be great if we could have had 2J2 programming for two weeks or more.  I think if we had 2J2 certified instructors it would help to keep training going. Robin Bird, community member Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Sask.

Excellent!! I liked all of it, making me sweat even more by increasing the intestity.  I liked how it put interest into fitness, functional fitness and how important it is. Seth Bird, student, Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Sask.

Very motivating, challenging all different types of muscles.  This program is a great co-ord to a starting point, you can utilize this program for everyone willing to give it a try.  Would like to see more 2J2 trainers and an extra motivational speaker to keep this going.  Murphy Billette, Teacher SABMS, Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Sask.

What I liked most about the 2J2 programming was all the materials and info to assist with fitness.  Overall the week was excellent, the affect I hope will be the continued working out with our community. Gordon Burns, Teacher SABMS, Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Sask.

Aboriginal Fitness Leader Prep Program six week UofS Aboriginal Student Center Apr-Mar 2017.

Most value for me were the little things like Max heart rate, the proper technique and form of certain exercises, and why it was important to know as well to instruct, the nutrition chapter was also very interesting.  Classes were well run, the technical terms were a little hard to grasp, but I know with more study they will become easier, audio visual was excellent.  I would highly recommend this course, the teacher was great at explaining the material and he made the classes fun.  Because I knew his experience and background I totally pushed myself harder mentally in my workouts. Naomi Roberts, Saskatoon, Sask

All classes and sessions were well planned, properly laid out, very helpful.  Not a topic was left out, our review went very well.  My overall rating of this program is excellent, from instructors knowledge, to the pace of presentation, to all exercises.  I was very scared before the start of this, but now I feel unstoppable!  New skills will be very helpful in future ventures.  Jonathan Pambrun, Saskatoon, Sask.

Exercises were thoroughly discussed so the key points were clear and understandable.  I enjoyed all of it, but I liked the chapters on anatomy, cardiorespiratory, energy systems because it gave me more understanding of my grandfathers health conditions.  Training techniques were really good with helping us learn and making sure we understood it, not leaving us wondering.  We got involved in the fitness classes made sure we were comfortable before we did any of the leading.  I honestly didn’t know becoming a fitness leader had so much more than just giving a group of people a workout.  I loved furthering my knowledge.  Whitney Daniels. Saskatoon, Sask                                                                                      

Course content was excellent I liked how the materials were relevant, expression of point of view was encouraged. Very informative, instructor was knowledgable and gave examples and illustrations that were real life and helpful.  Adding in the weekly bootcamp provided tons of info you can only learn by attending. Way more than I expected!  Trudy Moccasin, Saskatoon, Sask 

Topics that were of most value for me were muscle systems and energy systems. I liked attending the program and the workouts.  Rollin Baldhead, Saskatoon, Sask

The evening programming in Wollastan Lake with the Jr Rangers was excellent!  All the Rangers participated in all the activities.  I wish it was longer or have someone here to do 2J2 programming all year long.  Dora Benonie, Wollastan Lake, Sask.

The overall quality of the Fitness 2J2 program in our community was excellent.  It will help our community to have a healthy workout lifestyle, I was glad to see our youth learn some self-defence and safety awareness.  I hope more participants when the program comes back.  Jerilyn Bennonie, Wollastan Lake, Sask.




The basic information on how to train properly s useful, lots of ideas for my PhysEd class as well as fitness training.  What I most liked about the programming was that working with all grade levels age category.  This programming was excellent and will benefit me especially as a PhysEd teacher.  I will be able to continue similar programs at my school.  Abby Janvier Dene High School LaLoche, Sask

I thought the program was excellent, it was intense but yet it was easy.  I enjoyed how my body was sore for a couple days (in a good way).  I would have liked to have seen more communication by community in advance of the programming for more participation.  Kelsey Janvier Dene High School, Laloche, Sask



BrainSport Times, Saskatoon, Sk. June 1,2016

Q&A with Joel Pedersen
Tara: This Saturday from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Brainsport you will be teaching a safety-awareness and self-defence session. What prompted you to reach out to Brainsport to offer this for runners and walkers in the community?                                                             Joel: There was a Facebook feed that was forwarded to me to see if we could provide some potential training options. 2J2 had teamed up last year with Brainsport during our volunteering with the Red Cross evacuation centres, so we figured this would be a good match again. We want to pass on some tools for people to feel empowered so they can enjoy their active lifestyles.

Tara: How has your background, training and experience prepared you to teach such sessions?
Joel: Our team has a significant amount of experience with safety awareness and self-defence in operational, instructing and mentoring settings. Our instructors are peace officers and most importantly runners, active members of the community and enjoy the same running trails as your readers.

Tara: What can people expect from this session? What are you hoping participants will take away?
Joel: Our goal is to provide an overview of running safety awareness, a collaborative style discussion, then finish off with practical exercise outside of some disengagement skills.

Tara: Is there anything else you would like add?
Joel: Being involved in the running and triathlon community for a number of years, I know how important it is to be outside and active on the trails, paths. and streets. We have all encountered situations where we needed to intuitively know what to do and most of the time we know what to do. This is an opportunity for people to add to their tool belt, so they can handle what challenges might be ahead.                                                                                   ————————————————————————————————

March 22, 2016                                                                                                                               I first heard of the Fitness 2J2 program through a few friends that were also involved in the program, they said it was a great experience so I decided to get involved too.

Before I had started going to the 2J2 program I had absolutely no hopes in gaining any muscles back that I had lost from recent chemotherapy treatment. During my last month of chemo I had started to notice my knees and hips had hurt a lot. When I walked or even went up or down the stairs, my left knee would hyperextend backwards causing some sever pains.

After going through a lot of physio therapy, acupuncture, and a lot of doctor’s appointments only to get a letter telling me that they could not find anything wrong with my knees!! They apologized that I would have to deal with chronic knee pains for the rest of my life. That is when I gave up hope every time my knees started to hurt I would put a whole lot of A535 hot and cold on my knees, wrap them with tensor bandages, take some pain meds I was prescribed and go to sleep because that’s what took the pain away for a little while.

I think what 2J2 has done for me was gave me some hope not to give up, let me work at my own pace, see what I could tolerate and how to manage the pain but also not to over work myself to cause more pain. I took along my sister with me, one time I went my mom had come just to keep an eye on me. She said I was doing good and to keep up the good work! She seen me struggle when I was going through treatment and knew I could beat this no matter what it was! We look forward to the fitness sessions, I think when I first started it was twice a week and now it’s every Thursday night. If my son does not have hockey at the same time, we all join in.

Now when I go to the fitness program I feel more confident about how strong I am getting, and how much I love the workouts at the 2J2 program. It’s always something new and I accept the challenge. Sometimes it is hard but I now know what my limits are, my pain in my knees are not as bad as they were before but the more I keep going, the more I feel good about myself and my health. I also haven’t had that “wanting to quit” feeling in a long time. Slo-pitch is my favourite sport, I wasn’t able to play for a while due to the pains I had before, and the no muscles I had lost through treatment.

I think that the 2J2 program would benefit my community (Whitecap Dakota First Nation), friends and family by promoting a healthy lifestyle with exercise. Especially with our youth because this way there is something to help them with their sports they are all involved with. I would recommend this program to anyone wanting a change, it sure change my life and made me feel great. If this program was offered every day I would be there all the time it’s… just great! and also has great instructors!

I want to also send a huge thank you Joel, because you understood my pain when I had told you about my knee problems, and you always made sure that there was some alternatives to the workouts.

Chelsey Sinclair. 2J2.


Comments from the LaRonge Boxing Club:  Overall quality was excellent; High intensity loved it!; To promote activity, exercise, healthy well-being healthy life-style choices this is Fitness 2J2; The workouts seemed short, bit intense good variety for our boxing club; Awesome! positive aspect to our boxing fitness program! Joel needs to come back more often; This is a really good workout, like awesome!; Good people! bring it on!Excellent; The duration of the class’s were great, the programming excellent; It was fun! this program has provided us with some great new ideas, 5 out of 5 for Fitness 2J2; Was a nice break from original normal routine, challenging was excellent; The energy and variety of exercises were great, hope to be bringing back this programming to our boxing club; Never did anything like this and thought it was awesome! can’t be any better it kicked my butt!; 2J2 was awesome program for our community hope to bring it back to the club; Would be good to have the support of community leaders to bring this program back here.

The overall quality of the Fitness 2J2 program in our community was excellent.  The opportunity to use equipment not currently available in our school was one of the things I liked about the program.  For me the programming has provided me with ideas to integrate into my PE and sports programme.  Looking into some of the equipment that was used i.e., olympic rings, TRX.  Julie Andrews, Phrs Ed Teacher Churchill High Community School La Ronge Sask.

The variety of workouts in the 2J2 programming is what I liked best.  The students now know some good new routines.  The Phys Ed Teachers will practice and keep it fresh so the students don’t forget.  Dylan Gruchy TA  Churchill High Community School La Ronge Sask.

Excellent program, what I liked most was how he was able to get everyone involved, very well organized and knew his stuff!  I plan on using the programs for future phys ed class’s. Kyla Merasty, PE Teacher Churchill High Community School La Ronge Sask.

The quality of the programming delivered to the school and community was excellent! Patience and ernest way with athletes and people that Joel trains, he helps to focus with personal confidence. The knowledge gained by participating in this program has informed my own sense of body awareness in other community programs. We hope to maintain the communication for our local fitness instructors, and Joel will help!  Amber Klatt, CSRC, Churchill High Community School La Ronge Sask.

The variety of activity for the students was great! Everyone tried their best and Joel did an excellent jog of coaching the kids.  I plan on continuing to utilize what Joel has taught during his time with us.  Expand into our sports program too, looking at more basic equipment so all ages can access weight room .  The Fitness 2J2 program was excellent.  Eric Gardiner, Phys-Ed Teacher SMVS, Lac La Ronge Indian Band.

The sessions were a great experience for myself, I haven’t been to something like this, Joel made it fun.  The program was real y excellent.  Liked that being in the school during the day so the kids got to experience something different.  I really am hopping we can continue the program, so people can see how much fun fitness can be. Justina , Beauval Sask.

Overall my rateing of the Fitness 2J2 programme is excellent, it was very informative.  Ryan Day, Teacher Valley View School, Beauval, Sask. 

Everything about the program I liked, it kept me busy and away from being inside doing nothing.  It was really great to see the little kids out here too.  I think the 2J2 program will affect future fitness programs in our community, and I want to be a fitness leader to help teach it.   I hope Mr.Pedersen comes back to our community to teach us again. Thank-you.  Wayanna Opekokew, Student Grade12 Valley View School, Beauval, Sask

Excellent Excellent 🙂 !! overall quality of programming at our school, workouts are great, available, great coaching was lots of fun.  Gives me motivation to workout and get back to old level of fitness.  I am hopeful the programming of 2J2 will continue to bring accessible fitness to us, I will keep doing the programming.  Emily Ready, Teacher Valley View School. Beauval, Sask.

The programming and instruction was the best I have ever seen, I hope 2J2 is back to our community.  We would like for 2J2 to help to train community members as was happening, so we can keep programming going.  Joel gave some great ideas for fitness with some of our elderly.  Ted Hood. CSRC community co-ord. Beauval, Sask.

Great job by Joel! students learned a lot in the week he was here. Excellent rating of the quality of the program, very engaed with the students needs.  The 2J2 programming is in line with what the community is trying to do.  Stephen King, Physed Teacher Valley View School. Sport & Rec Director for Beauval Sask.

5 out of 5 rating for 2J2.  What I most liked about the programming: workouts for all levels; time and flexibility of workouts; equipment required minimal.  I hope we can continue with the programming, some more followup for direction and program planning. Lindsay Dennett, RN Community Public Health Nurse Beauval Sask.

Overall quality go the programming from Fitness 2J2 was excellent, picked up a lot more coming out to attend this than my time at the UofR hockey.  The encouragement to keep pushing to keep going.  Showing proper ways and forms of doing exercises and various ways is what I liked most. The programming was really good and fun, not sure what to recommend to make it any better.  2J2 programming will hopefully bring more people out from the community to be involved.  Mallory Gardiner-Roy, Teacher Valley View School. Beauval Sask,


PA Now,  Nov 11, 2015.  First Nations officer says he owes success to military
By Alex Soloducha

When it comes to serving his country, Joel Pedersen has had quite the experience.  After joining the military at age 17, he became a police officer at age 22 and most recently opened his own gym, touring to offer fitness training programs in many communities.

Pedersen is still a member of the army reserves as a Chief Warrant Officer (CWO), the highest non-commissioned rank in the military.  Looking back on the day he signed up in Prince Albert in 1987, Pedersen said it has definitely contributed to his success.  Then called the North Saskatchewan Regiment B Company, it was (and still is) the most northern Canadian Forces base.  Pedersen was part of a UN peacekeeping mission around the time of the Gulf War.

Upon his return to Canada, he joined the Saskatoon City Police in 1992, moving up in the ranks to be a Detective Sgt.  “It was something I’ve always been drawn to,” said Pedersen. “I always wanted to be a policeman, I always was drawn to the military.”  Even as a teen, Pedersen wanted to continue with the forces as long as possible.  “I knew that if I were able to continue on in the military at a young age, it would beneficial in the long run…and it was. It’s been a great career,” said Pedersen.

Over the years, Pedersen was able to advance his career further, through the military.  “Opportunities that came forward were at the right time,” he said.  Pedersen said he would like to see more First Nations and Metis people in the Canadian Forces, although he said he’s seen numbers improve.

“In the last twenty-plus years I’ve been in the military and policing, I’ve seen more and more aboriginal people entering the forces, the work forces in general, both in policing and in the military, and it’s great,” he said.

Joining the military can have a huge positive effect on people’s lives, said Pedersen, who recommends it to youth who may be interested. “I think that the military has been a positive environment,” said Pedersen. “It’s professional…and it’s respected.  “It’s respected for a lot of reasons.”  Pedersen said many people on both sides of his family have been part of the military.  “So that was kind of always there on the peripheral,” he said.

“I didn’t do it by myself, that’s for sure. My family supports me, colleagues have supported me and I’ve had some really excellent mentorship.”  Through his early mentors, the mentorship skills that influenced his life were eventually passed on to him.  “I think that those two careers have brought me to where I am now, where I can give back,” said Pedersen.

Now, as the owner and lead trainer at 2J2 Fitness, Pedersen is passing on those skills to others, in the hopes of guiding youth to be leaders in their own communities.

Pedersen hopes this will help improve lives in northern Saskatchewan.

“I know that a healthy lifestyle and an active lifestyle is a positive thing that can propel you through some of the worst things that you have to go through physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually,” he said.

On Tuesday, Pedersen travelled up north to give a speech in Beauval on the importance of First Nations and Metis people in the Canadian Forces throughout history.


Everything about the 2J2 program was excellent, instruction, direction, programming.  The ability to add to the phys ed classes I am teaching, some great ideas I will use.  Hope to see you soon to our elementary school.  Evan Davies, PE Teacher Ile ala Crosse, Sask.

Excellent program, what I liked most was that it was effective.  Pushed me to my limits but within range, the sessions don’t even seem the hour should be up and you’re done.  Great structure and instructor.  For our community I think if the program had been advertised better there would have been way more people taking the opportunity.  A group of us , females, would really like to continue with the program.  I feel we require a workout plan, outlines for weekly sessions, month span and then build from there.  Intensity fitness levels, continued contact from 2J2 for direction.  Ashley Petite, Teacher Rossignol High School, Ile ala Crosse, Sask.

Overall this program was Excellent, it provided me with lots of ideas to add to my own fitness/ circuit training program.  The program really gave it to me!  With respect to how to improve the program, I would like it to be longer in the community two weeks would give all my five PE classes 5 times with the movements and skills.  I hope to see this type of programme more in the community with motivated trainers like 2J2.  Elaine Favel, PE Teacher Rossignol High School, Ile ala Crosse, Sask.

Jackie Lee — 5 star Joel Pedersen from Fitness 2J2 came into our community (Creighton, SK) and offered free fitness programs at one of our fitness centres, Zenergee Wellness. He offered boot camp and self defence classes, and even took over a couple of our spin classes! As a spin instructor, I can say he did an amazing job and the response from participants was awesome! He really challenged us to push our limits and step outside our comfort zones. This isn’t always easy to do with participants with varying fitness levels. I would definitely recommend him and am going to implement some of his ideas into my own fitness classes. I hope he comes back!


First-ever lineman training in North.   Opportunity North Magazine Summer 2015

 For the first time ever, SaskPower has trained linemen outside Weyburn. Northlands College hosted the 8-week course in its new industrial campus in Air Ronge. The forest of power poles behind the college’s “big green monster” building were the playground for the trainees.

The program ran from May 4 to June 25, with 21 successful completers. On June 10 Northlands College held an open house to show potential employers the skills and fitness of the participants and what the program has achieved. Judy May, acting vice-president of human resources, safety and environment for SaskPower, was on hand for the demonstration. At the time of completion, jobs were available for all who wanted them. Follow up information was not available because of forest fire evacuations.

In a departure from the normal six-week training, Northlands tacked on two week fitness training with Fitness 2J2, Professional Aboriginal Fitness Instruction Programming and Consulting on the front of the program. This proved to be key to the trainees’ success.

Ordean Goulet, director of trades and technical programs for the college, said they looked hard at the existing program and found ways to improve it by adding the fitness element along with motivational and mental preparedness in order to further success.

Students found the course tough, with a lot of outdoor work. Training included climbing, safety, rescue, tying in, and everything else associated with the job, including working around electricity.

One potential employer and a partner in the program, Cec Hundseth of Hundseth Power Line Construction of Saskatoon, called the college’s setup “impressive”. Hundseth, which specializes in variety of areas around the power industry, supplied trucks, poles and equipment for the program.

Instructors included SaskPower’s Bruce Skilliter and former SaskPower employee Mike Wolkosky, who have formed a company called Ptarmigan Consulting to teach safety training. Our program had a 75% success rate compared to SaskPower’s average 30% success,” said Wolkosky. The preliminary fitness component might have a lot to do with that.

The college plans a second lineman course for Grade 12 graduates from across the province.


From the Two Week Functional Fitness Bootcamp May 2015 “Thank you Joel for the experience that was some intense training I would do it again for sure think I lost 20lbs!!!”  Johnathon Bird, LaRonge Sask.




As we celebrate our successes we also keep in mind the northern wildfires evacuees. Last week Brainsport was approached by Red Cross volunteer and owner of Fitness 2J2, Joel Petersen, asking for running shoe donations for the fitness programs he’s running for evacuees. Well, that quickly turned into a full on campaign to help get them geared up. You may have seen our posts on social media asking for ready-to-use-gear donations to be brought to the store. We’ve received a solid response from the community, so thought it would be nice to learn a bit more from Joel about what’s been going on.

Q&A with Joel Pedersen

Tara: You work very closely with Aboriginal communities across the province with your business Fitness 2J2. At what point did you decide you wanted to use your expertise to help out the evacuees?

Joel: On Sunday (July 5) after getting home from a run, I was contacted by a community member in Saskatoon. She was concerned that there was nothing for the kids to do during the day or evening. And that the guests from the north could use some programming choices and options. I contacted the Red Cross and was directed to the recreation lead. I explained what skill set I could offer and she asked me to take over managing the sport, fitness and recreation for two locations (soccer centres) in Saskatoon. Within 12 hours the centres had some equipment (from my garage) and some items purchased through the U of S Aboriginal Initiatives Office, and kids were playing soccer and hockey.

Tara: What kinds of programs have you been running with the evacuees and how have you seen it help in getting through this tough time?

Joel: Working with the community we have developed a framework for fitness and sport for each day. Added to each day are various recreation options, like Pike Lake for the day and the Forestry Farm. We have a run/jog/walk club first thing at 7 a.m. Functional fitness sessions for youth and adults during the day and soccer, hockey, softball, basketball, volleyball, football, tennis and skateboarding.

Tara: Many of the evacuees left their homes with very few belongings? What made you think to contact Brainsport to help get people geared up?

Joel: True, some of our guests had only 20 minutes to grab items and were forced to leave. Can you imagine if you had a family that you had to get out of a house in 20 minutes? I know what it would be like at my house. I provide no-cost fitness sessions in the Pleasant Hill community. I have seen firsthand the thoughtful actions of Brainsport with the annual shoe drive at St. Mary’s Community School. Also, we in the running community and triathlon community are always willing to give a hand or encouragement for fellow people who want to live healthy lifestyles. We know the importance of the physical portion within the holistic balance that we strive for.

Tara: What has been the response from evacuees to the donations?

Joel: The donations, especially for the runners and walkers, has been awesome. Many have expressed their thankfulness and are humbly surprised by the great running shoes to select from. Initially the shoes were for those who had signed up to join run/jog/walk club, and who had signed up for sports. Then it became evident that a substantial number of the elders did not have proper footwear, or the younger youth. It was first-come-first-serve — a challenge to do when there are about 2600 people in Saskatoon from the north. So the main effort was the two soccer centres.

Tara: For anyone out there wanting to donate what should they do?

Joel: It appears our guests will not be returning to what is left of their homes for an estimated two more weeks. There’s information on the Red Cross website for donation procedures. As far as runners/joggers/walkers go. Brainsport has taken the lead by already looking at the implied needs: socks, shorts, tech shirts, hats. We all know what it’s like when you are missing one of those items on a hot July day. I appreciate what our running community in Saskatoon has been able to do in such a quick window. That’s what we do!



Joel Pedersen is a true professional. He spent a week in Pinehouse Lake working with the classes at school during the day and evenings with athletes and community members. As a teacher I could not have been more impressed. Joel engages the students in meaningful physical activity while providing feedback about correct form. The kids really enjoyed it!
As a community member I loved the training because it was so educational and fun. Joel gave us the opportunity to try many new ways to exercise with simple tools. He is an inspiration and I would highly recommend Fitness 2J2 to your community!  Shannon Yo Grade 5 Teacher PineHouse Lake Minahik Waskahigan Elementary School.

Fitness 2J2 is a very professional fitness program with such a variety of tools for anybody to use. It targets all levels of Health and Fitness with such a balanced development of the human anatomy. I would recommend this program for any community big or small, south or north. Be ready to work hard and learn tons of knowledgeable information.  Chris Novakowski PineHouse Lake sport& rec co-ord.

Fitness 2J2 in Montreal Lake During the week of April 2015, the community of Montreal Lake had the privilege of having Joel Pedersen within the school and community. In the time Joel had spent in the community, he was able to teach show various techniques, and a variety of workouts for everyone. Joel spent his full day around the school, building both relationships and partners for upcoming events. Not only did he do workouts with the students during the day of school hours, but he was able to get in sessions after school. The sessions after school were a success, as the people were very open to joining in on the activities. Joel showed a wide array of health benefits towards proper nutrition and physical activity.

Majority of the students loved the workouts he presented to them, the others, were quite enjoying the change of pace, and involved themselves in the workout regime as well. Although there were the two days where school days were cancelled, Joel did improvise and do his activities outside, or in a different facility.

Joel was very welcomed in the community and had a very positive effect on the groups he was associated with. The students had a very positive message for Joel, the students really enjoyed the workouts he had to offer. Just as the community members, they too had a positive remark on Joel, just as he had a positive role on everyone in the community.

Daniel Albert – Physical Education Teacher, Senator Allen Bird Memorial School, Montreal Lake Cree Nation.

My evaluation of the overall quality of the Fitness 2J2 program was excellent, even though I was in severe delayed onset muscle soreness! I do not feel like there is anything to change in the program.  I believe that the affect of this program will create more fit people and less cases of diabetes in the community.  To make this happen we need family and community support.  Corrina Nelson.Teacher, Senator Allen Bird Memorial School, Montreal Lake Cree Nation.

New ideas to incorporate into my work-outs is what I liked most about the programming. It will help me with dry land training for my hockey athlets. Would be good to make it longer than one week duration in community  We need support to make this happen again, more training!  Abby Halkett, Montreal Lake Cree Nation. 

Overall quality of the Fitness 2J2 program in our community was excellent, verbal direction and knowledge of the instructor is what I enjoyed most.  The program gives awareness and personal fitness experience back to the community and hopefully will affect future fitness programs in community.  Liz Bird. Teacher, Senator Allen Bird Memorial School, Montreal Lake Cree Nation.

The program was excellent! Except the music could be louder.  I liked how Joel modified the workouts for me as Iam pregnant. Fantastic job!  If people stick to the routine’s, more families will be living a more healthy lifestyle. Lets go community! We also need our chief and councils help and support for healthy living.  It would be nice to see more involvement.  Angela Bird. Secretary,  Senator Allen Bird Memorial School, Montreal Lake Cree Nation.

What I liked most about the Fitness 2J2 program was the abdominal fitness exercises because of my belly, instructor was understanding and provided different levels.  I hope this program will start future fitness program’s in our community.  More seriousness with all young and older people.  Glenda Henderson, Montreal Lake Cree Nation.

5 out of 5 excellent program, I enjoyed all the skills I have learned and the new challenges. The Fitness 2J2 program will be a positive effect to our community I believe we are at a good start, many community members are interested.  The support we need to continue is some proper equipment, and another round of all the exercises we did.  Norma Ballantyne, Teacher Senator Allen Bird Memorial School, Montreal Lake Cree Nation.


PA NOW Article July 3, 2014  Honour run open to public for first time.

A 100-kilometre run will be open to the public to honour soldiers and pay tribute to Métis veterans.

The Honour Run began in 2010 to coincide with the reconciliation that took place at 125th anniversary of the 1885 North West Rebellion at Batoche. During that ceremony, the names of fallen Métis were read aloud for the first time.  “I ran to honour the reconciliation that was happening in Batoche. For the first time in our Canadian history all sides of battle were being honoured, so all life was being honoured,” project director Shannon Loutitt said.  “That’s actually how I learned how I run. I ran for my great grandfather… I learned the teachings from him. I learned how to go the distance and in essence go the distance for someone who has gone the distance for me.”

Loutitt has since run the Honour Run from Saskatoon to Batoche in moccasins each year. In past years the run has partnered soldiers and students but Loutitt said this year they are inviting the general public to get involved.  The run will have strong Métis connections again as it coincides with the unveiling of the Métis Veterans Memorial Monument at Batoche.

Chief Warrant Officer with the Saskatchewan Regiment Joel Pedersen has been involved with the run since its inception.

“The significance of this run… with our regiment, we have been in Saskatoon and Saskatchewan for well over 100 years,” he said, adding people aren’t always aware of the military’s contributions to the province.  “There is not a large military footprint in Saskatchewan but it is here, especially in Saskatoon.”

Pedersen has also been leading a training program with the kids and youth who have partnered with the race.  “It’s strength and conditioning as well as run training,” he said about the seven week program.  “What we are hoping to see from this is the community involvement. Not just the fabric that is here but the potential that could come from this.”

For nine-year-old runner Hannah MacDonald, the hard work and training is worth it.  “The soldiers worked hard for us so now we need to work hard for them,” she said.  The run takes place on July 18 2014 . All money raised will go to the Métis Veterans Monument.


THIRD SESSION – TWENTY-SEVENTH LEGISLATURE of the                                                         Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan                                                                   VOL. 56 NO. 59A TUESDAY, MAY 6, 2014


The Speaker: — I recognize the member for Saskatoon Riversdale.

Saskatoon Business Promotes Fitness in Schools

Ms. Chartier: — Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Today I rise in this House to recognize the collaborative work of Joel Pedersen and Fitness 2J2 with the students of St. Mary’s School in my community. Joel Pedersen owns Fitness 2J2, a community-based health and wellness business that organizes and facilitates inclusive exercise programs for all abilities and ages. Joel works with urban, northern, and rural groups as well as with individuals. Joel is originally from Fond-du-Lac and is a member of the Dene Nation. He has served as an infantry sergeant major with the Canadian Armed Forces and currently is a police sergeant with the Saskatoon Police Service.

Mr. Speaker, Joel has been an important community leader whose many programs include an after-school fitness program that turned into a running group at St. Mary’s School. When Joel started this program at the beginning of the year, many of the students were not able to jog the 125-metre track without stopping. Under Joel’s guidance, each student completed last year’s 5-kilometre Bridge City Boogie. This not only empowered the students, but promoted community interest andsupport. True to Joel’s business principles, many of the participating kids continue to run and remain active.

Starting in June, some of the students of St. Mary’s Wolf Pack running team will join other kids from separate and public school divisions for a summer running initiative which culminates in an honour run between Saskatoon and Batoche in July for Back to Batoche Days.

I ask all members of this Assembly to join with me in recognizing the important work of Joel Pedersen and Fitness 2J2, as well as congratulating the children of St. Mary’s school for their successful fitness initiative. Thank you.  Ms.Danielle Chartier member for Saskatoon Riversdale.

I want to say a huge thank you to Joel Pedersen for bringing his 2J2 Fitness program here to Cumberland House. All of us really enjoyed the program and his company as well. He did awesome work with everyone from the young kids, to the football team, to our youth and a lot of the older adults. We are so appreciative for him taking the time to make the trip all the way from Saskatoon. I will be implementing his teachings into my program! So on behalf of NSCRD, Charlebois Community School, myself and all the participants who gave 110%, we thank you and hope to see you again. Jillian Carriere, Community and School Recreation Coordinator, Cumberland House.

A huge thank you to Fitness 2J2 from all of us coaches and athletes from Pelican Narrows! Thank you for all the work and development that was accomplished in just a few days in Pelican Narrows.
Joel Pedersen did an awesome job coaching and training with every level of student and adult that he worked with. In just a few short days Joel sparked a lot of excitement with health and fitness and did and incredible job helping to prepare our NAIG athletes for the summer games. I would highly recommend having Fitness 2J2 come into your community if you need some help getting some fitness programs started or if you have existing fitness programs that are a bit dead and need a shot of adrenaline. Fitness 2j2 will help take programs to a new level and get youth and young people excited about healthy living and fitness. Joel Erb Community and School Recreation Coordinator. Pellican Narrows First Nation, PBCN.

Shoutout to Fitness 2J2 for promoting healthy living to many communities across Saskatchewan. NEECHIE GEAR, Saskatoon.

It was a good program that Joel Pedersen put up in Fond du Lac, lots of people were interested to take part in the week-long event. The school physed teacher and I learned a lot from the programming and instruction.  Youth really enjoyed the fun run on last day.  Andy Adam Community and School Recreation Coordinator, Fond du Lac

Congratulations, Joel. Your patience and perseverance are just the right combination to help people achieve their goals. Perle Bouton, Saskatoon.

I feel so blessed to have an opportunity like this! I look forward to going every week for a great, enjoyable work out. Joel provides such a positive environment to reach your goals at whatever level you may be at. I would definitely recommend him to anyone! Jessica Renée, Saskatoon.

I have been attending Joel’s classes on and off for about year and I have seen his classes grow and grow! His class is an excellent example of community commitment to healthy lifestyles. Recently Joel came to the U of S campus to share his story and it was very powerful! Thank you for everything you do and I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting create a change in their lives! Candace Wasacase Lafferty, Saskatoon.

I made it through my first class! I went with my teenagers and we loved the awesome instruction and encouragement. It was definitely a challenging workout but we never felt forced or intimidated. It is a very welcoming, supportive environment and Joel is a great instructor.
It was great to see families working out together and to know that Joel made time for workout concerns after the class. Thank you, Joel!  Lori Q McGavin, Saskatoon.

First of all I would like to Thank You Joel, for coming to Black Lake. It has been an honor to have you in our community. I have learned a lot from you. You have also motivated me to become a certified fitness leader. The evening classes were quite the experience! The warm ups, the stations, the workout of the day were challenging. It was such an rewarding feeling. I will definitely keep the crossfit training going on in the community. The overall experience for me would be the amount of energy in the gym! It was a positive feeling and you could tell that everyone was giving their 100% at their workouts. It has been an Awesome week, and I would be very happy to have you back in our community in the near future. I would also like to thank the NSCRD and Transwest Air for making this happened.Merci Cho Jacqueline Robillard.

These are some of the feed Back from the community Members: word for word.

• It was a great workout program. I have learned to work at my own pace and work out safely. He takes his work seriously and that he makes sure that his students succeed. This program has motivated me even more. Thank you so much and yes I would definitely participate in future programs.

• I felt I needed that motivation to start somewhere! And what I felt so alive with the intense workouts and made me feel a little younger! No wonder I was sore, don’t have that stiff muscles in my back now! So I’m in a roll! Joel was very tough with his teachings and made me understand the value of our muscles and joints! Glad you motivated me too Jackie! And yes I would come back anytime.

• He was a good motivator n if we keep this on going, it will be awesome Jackie and you are our mentor too!

• well my week at the Fitness 2J2 was very challanging for me, but I’ve learn lots about myself through out the whole week I’ve built willpower, it give me determination and also confidence becuz I’ve worked so hard on my ability to keep me going i was determined to take one more step and more n more, with my knee problem n me being so big 250 lbs i gave it my 100% i was so sore the first three days my quads were on fire but I keep telling myself im in it for me and no one can do it for me, I keep telling myself im still gonna be in pain no matter what so why not take this pain as something good for myself. im willing to lose about 100 lbs and built those muscle I crave for..for so many years anyways I was like after the first evening, ok tonight im not gonna run Cuz my quads are hurting but once I got to the gym Joel was so full energy n real good motivator i couldnt resist so i kept trying for myself, after this week I feel i gotta keep this up and stay active Joel has been great at keeping us on our toes filling us with that energy and I am so glad i was there the whole week, after this I’ve learn a lot about how much I can accomplish if I put my mind to it very determined all thanks to Joel fitness 2J2 trainer and also to Jackie and Luke for being part of this it makes me proud to say you guys care so much for our community and I hope he does come back someday to see how far we have come and to see his results from us thank you so much for all your help. Joel again was very well organized about his workout n very serious about the his work n also taught me all about how our body should work with his safety tips. good job.  Black Lake First Nation.

Our community was very fortunate to have Joel come light a fitness fire in everyone. He offered functional fitness for everyone, all ages & fitness levels. We had 44 fitness classes in four days! Joel is a remarkable person that would be beneficial to have in your community to run fitness programs! We look forward to having him back in our community. The lessons & teachings he has taught our students & community members are invaluable.Fitness 2J2 thank you! Prestin Fleming, Community and School Recreation Coordinator Stanley Mission First Nation,

Joel operated a program at St.Mary’s Wellness and Education Centre during the 2012-2013 school year with a goal of creating a program where student could access to an attainable, inclusive and fitness program for students in the core neighborhood in Saskatoon.  This program was a success in its first year of operation for the students and the community of Pleasant Hill.  The program was assessed with a baseline in the beginning and a final assessment at the conclusion of the program.  There were many positive outcomes from the program including an increase in strength and overall conditioning, promotion of healthy lifestyle and positive thoughts and feelings towards fitness. The program was a success with many spinoff benefits for our students and community.  I was extremely pleased with Fitness 2J2 programming and with Joel Pedersen’s contributions to our school and fitness programming. Tony Barios, Principal, St.Mary’s Wellness and Education Center. Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools.

Joel Pedersen was awesome! Learned so many new ways to exercise and stretch, also how to tweak exercises to improve workouts! I would highly recommend Fitness 2J2 to all people of any fitness level who want to try something new and challenge themselves for improved health.
Darryl Flett, Phys. Ed. High School Teacher, Stanely Mission.

It was a great privilege to have Fitness 2J2 as a guest at Father Porte Memorial Dene School. Joel was patient and charismatic, adaptable, and showed an ability to explain important fitness concepts simply to students of all ages. The attendance for the evening sessions increased each day he was here, especially from FPMDS students – evidence that the students were having fun and motivated by Joel’s sessions. Thanks again, and hope to see you again in Black Lake soon! Luke Symons, Physical Education Teacher, Father Porte Memorial Dene School.

A huge thank you to fitness 2j2 from all of us coaches and athletes from Pelican Narrows! Thank you for all the work and development that was accomplished in just a few days in Pelican Narrows.
Joel Pedersen did an awesome job coaching and training with every level of student and adult that he worked with. In just a few short days Joel sparked a lot of excitement with health and fitness and did and incredible job helping to prepare our NAIG athletes for the summer games. I would highly recommend having fitness 2j2 come into your community if you need some help getting some fitness programs started or if you have existing fitness programs that are a bit dead and need a shot of adrenaline. Fitness 2j2 will help take programs to a new level and get youth and young people excited about healthy living and fitness. Joel Erb, Pelican Narrows First Nation, Community and School, Recreation Coordinator.

Fitness 2J2 and Joel Pedersen spent 10 months working with the athletes from Special Olympics Saskatoon that were selected to go to the National Summer Games in Vancouver. He did an amazing job in preparing our athletes for competition and making adjustments to meet the individual needs of the athletes. He was always positive, patient and encouraging. Thanks Joel! We hope to continue this partnership in the future!   Barb Knight Fredrickson, Special Olympics Saskatoon.

I must say that Joel did an awesome job coming into our community to teach and refresh many of the local participants with fitness. He certainly inspired many of us, especially my physical education students. I was able to incorporate his fitness activities with my unit. I also picked up some conditioning ideas, as I am coaching various sports. I totally recommend Joel to go to your community to teach you about fitness. Thanks Joel..keep up the great job! Donna Hardlotte, Physical Education Teacher, Stanely Mission.

I can’t express my gratitude for what Joel and his staff have done for me and my family. The training they received instilled a real love for running. They would do all the training and running again in a heartbeat. Thank you everyone for showing the kids that they can do ANYTHING even when it looks impossible. The self esteem boost they got from Joel and staff was the greatest gift they received and no one can EVER take that away.   Karin MacDonald, Saskatoon.

Shannon Loutitt and Joel Pedersen joined us to talk about the Metis Honour Run from Saskatoon to Batoche that is honouring soldiers and paying tribute to the Metis Veterans of Canada. The event will coincides with the unveiling of the Métis Veterans Memorial Monument at Batoche festival grounds on Saturday. CTV News. Saskatoon.

Iam pleased to have the chance to write a letter of support for Joel Pedersen.  Joel was invited to present to the running/fitness club at the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority.  From our first meeting, Joel was what one might expect from a fitness consultant: energetic, passionate, and positive without limit.  However, in the months that followed, our continued exposure to Joel and his programming made us all believers.                                                Joel met with our group once a week and led us through workout that supported those who needed it and challenged those who were ready.  With such a diverse group of people, Joel was always able to keep everyone in the group improving.  He accommodated an injury of mine without making me feel like I had a free pass, or that I had to put myself at risk to keep up.  Eventually, many of us began meeting for another one of Joel’s sessions in the same weeks but at a different location.and before long I was bringing my wife and two small children- again Joel programmed for those who were there, and put no one at risk.  We invited Joel to run a program at my son’s 6th birthday party.  It didn’t matter that a “boot camp birthday” had never been attempted to our knowledge.  Joel was intrigued and quickly created a program that would do the same for our group of “pups” as he had done for our company “pack”.  We watched him steer and cheer twelve 5 and 6 year-old boys through obstacles and military-style movements that left us all tired and inspired.                                                                                                 Joel went the distance with our team and my family–and our collective commitment to fitness and good health has been permanently transformed.  I would not hesitancy to recommend Joel based on these qualities as I have described herein.  Trevor Smith,  Advisor Training, BHP Billiton, Saskatoon, SK