17-22July 2017 Work out of the Day

Going to try something new posting workout of the day for the whole week.  This way you can see what is coming up.  Remember you can always scale the exercises.

MONDAY  Strength/Skill  Back Squat (90% of max)
70% x 8 x 5 sets  WOD  AMRAP in 12 minutes:
200yd Farmer Carry (55/35)
in time remaining complete as many reps as possible of:
100 Single-Unders (yes, single-unders)
20 Med Ball Abmat Situps

TUESDAY  Strength/Skill  Snatch Balance  WOD  For time:
15 Squat Snatches (115/83)
Run 1000m
15 Squat Snatches (115/83)
R+: 135/93

WEDNESDAY  Strength/Skill  Jerk
75% x 3 x 4 sets  WOD  4 x 500m Row Sprints

THURSDAY  Strength/Skill  As many strict Ring Dips as possible in 10 minutes
Sub Bar Dips as needed  WOD  27-21-15-9 reps for time:
Hang Power Clean (135/93)
*Box Jumps (28/22)

FRIDAY  Strength/Skill Deadlift (90% of max)
70% x 8 x 5 sets  WOD  For time:
50 Walking Lunges (45/33)
50 Pull-ups
50 Push presses (95/63)
50 KB Swings (55/35)
50 Burpees

Fitness 2J2



Fitness 2J2  Professional Indigenous Fitness Programming and Consulting.

Fitness 2J2 is a community based socially responsible Health & Wellness company.  We believe everyone has power and ability to live positive and healthy lifestyles. Through the participation in sports, fitness, recreation, health and wellness activities. We pride ourselves in delivering this training and programming to Indigenous communities and groups across Saskatchewan.  This will reduce barriers and promote healthy and positive lifestyles for First Nation and Metis people of all ages and abilities, and their communities.  2J2, through a valuable team of certified instructors will provide the skills, leadership, motivation and tools you require to empower communities to reach their fitness goals.

Fitness Training & Consulting Includes:                                                                        Healthy lifestyle education supporting prevention/reduction of obesity, diabetes and other health issues.   Partnered with the University of Saskatchewan Aboriginal Initiatives and Community Engagement. Endorsed by Health Canada through the Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative Program.

  • Adult and youth Fitness Instruction and programming.  Personal or group: Cross Fitness; Metabolic conditioning; Aerobic & Anaerobic conditioning; Flexibility & Strength; Interval & HIIT; Muscle sculpting; Women’s & girl’s PowWow dance fitness.
  • Learn to run programs from 5km to marathon distance. Learn to triathlon.
  • Skills camps for soccer & triathlon.
  • Dry Land training and programming for hockey/soccer/football.
  • Self-defence akido-jujitsu based; safety awareness; defensive tactics SECURITY 2J2.
  • Emergency Services and Military fitness programming.
  • Fitness facility consulting; assessment; design services.
  • Distribution of fitness equipment.
  • Preparatory Fitness Leader Program; Mentorship and development of instructors for community programming sustainment.
  • Speaking engagements & presentations.
  • Women’s and girls PowWow Dance Fitness.
  • Older adult fitness programming.
  • Special Olympics Athletes Programming.

Contact us by e-mail fitness2j2@yahoo.com  FaceBook; Instagram; Twitter; 306-281-5338


Kids of Steel Triathlon 17June2017 Saskatoon,SK

We have the learn to triathlon program going this year again, St.Mary’s Health&Wellness Centre with the Pleasant Hill Community Association.  Preparing for June 17 race, our crew ranges from age 6 to 14.  If your interested in your youth participating in some of the training send us a message.  Or check out the Saskatoon Triathlon Club for details on the KOS race.   STRONG HEALTHY PROUD.

Black Lake First Nation 18-21 May 2017

                                   Aboriginal Fitness Leader Preparatory Program Workshop.  Looking forward to returning to Black Lake FN to provide this no-cost workshop.  We will cover Fitness Theory and program in some Functional Fitness sessions. Books and materials are provided.  Shout out to Athabasca Health Authority and Transwest Air for supporting Healthy and Positive Lifestyle programming with 2J2.

Team Sask NAIG Volleyball.

2014 NAIG we were invited to provide the endurance and strength training for the Lance-Runners a true honour.   This year we are pleased to be providing some additional conditioning and strength programming with the Team SASK Volleyball teams that are heading to Toronto this summer to the 2017 NAIG.