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Fitness 2J2 is a socially responsible community based health and wellness company. Contributing to the success and vitality of our communities, promoting healthy and positive lifestyles for Indigenous people of all ages and abilities. Centrally located in Saskatoon, we have been providing Functional Fitness Programming since 2011.



Fitness Training & Consulting Includes:

Fitness 2J2 approach to training and programming is holistic. The connection and balance of Physical; Mental; Emotional; Spiritual; are key to building a complete training program for you. Fitness 2J2 provides a safe, welcoming and inviting place for your training success.


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    In my experience working with Joel has been awesome. He has the ability to make me feel extremely confident with everything I am doing in the gym. He is able to hear my story and my goals and create a personalized program that will ensure I am ready to get back on the ice at a professional level. Joel also makes me feel like he genuinely cares about my success and is able to do that through constant communication, even when we are working together separated by 100's of kilometres.
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    Overall quality go the programming from Fitness 2J2 was excellent, picked up a lot more coming out to attend this than my time at the UofR hockey. The encouragement to keep pushing to keep going. Showing proper ways and forms of doing exercises and various ways is what I liked most. The programming was really good and fun, not sure what to recommend to make it any better. 2J2 programming will hopefully bring more people out from the community to be involved.
    Teacher Valley View School. Beauval Sask,
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    The students at our school were very interested and engaged, this will help to kick start our spring athletic programs. Would like to see the Fitness 2J2 program longer in community and return annually. I would rate the Functional Fitness program of Fitness 2J2 as excellent.
    Principal SABMS, Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Sask
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    Overall quality of the Fitness 2J2 program was excellent, I enjoyed working with Joel. Not sure how the program could be better, except to have it here a long time/ hire him! Fitness Centre for community. This was a great motivation for students to continue improving health.
    PE Teacher SABMS, Montreal Lake Cree Nation, Sask